HAKUTO Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Reach the Moon

posted: 2017.2.21



February 21, 2017

HAKUTO Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Reach the Moon

HAKUTO’s Crowdfunding Campaign launches on February 21, 2017. Rewards include name engraving on the rover, new uniform and full-scale rover mockups.

Team HAKUTO, the only Japanese team competing for the Google Lunar XPRIZE, announced today that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign on February 21, 2017 to gather funds to cover the remaining rocket launch cost, to increase awareness of the project and to invite more people to become part of HAKUTO.

Crowdfunding for a Mission to the Moon (Japanese Only)


Team HAKUTO, run by the Japanese startup ispace Inc., is comprised of various members including the members of ispace, faculty members and students at Tohoku University, and Pro-Bono experts from various fields. With its official project name as the “au HAKUTO MOON CHALLENGE” after partnering with the Japanese carrier KDDI, HAKUTO aims to be the first ever privately funded team to successfully explore the Moon. To win the competition, the rover must also travel for more than 500 meters and send high-definition videos and images back to Earth.

Since its establishment in 2010, HAKUTO’s ambition has been supported by investment from supportive individuals and pocket money of volunteers, including our team leader, Takeshi Hakamada. After receiving the Milestone Prize in January 2015, we began to receive tremendous support from au and our other partners. We have now entered the final stage of the race after 7 years of a challenging journey. However, because of the last minute change of our rideshare partner from Astrobotic to TeamIndus, our mission now requires an extra amount of funding to launch our rover to the Moon. This crowdfunding campaign aims to collect the required amount of funding as well as to increase the public’s awareness of HAKUTO.

【Some of our Crowdfunding Rewards】

① [In collaboration with au] Engrave Your Name on the Rover
Send your names to the Moon aboard the HAKUTO rover.

Prices: 5 words=¥10,000 / 10words=¥20,000 / 15words=¥100,000
Place of Engravement: Rover’s front and back (engravements cannot be seen from outside)
Method of Engravement: Laser processing

New Uniform

② HAKUTO’s New Uniform [HAKUTO Crew Edition, produced by Snow peak Inc.]

Price: ¥200,000
Description: HAKUTO’s new uniform made by our new Supporting Company, Snow peak. Designed only for HAKUTO, this uniform is 4-way stretchable and windbreaking, with carefully designed pockets.

New Uniform

③ [au×HAKUTO MOON CHALLENGE] Lunar Exploration Rover Mockup

Price: ¥10,000,000
Description: A full-scale mockup of HAKUTO’s lunar exploration rover.

Rover Mockup

For a full list of rewards, please visit our crowdfunding page (Japanese):

【Comment from Takeshi Hakamada, the leader of HAKUTO】

As one of the GLXP finalists has already announced its completion of fundraising, we must do everything we can as a Japanese team to win the race. It is already less than a year until the launch that we have secured with our current level of funding. Let’s take the last step with HAKUTO. We will do our best to win the Google Lunar XPRIZE. We would very much appreciate your support in our crowdfunding campaign.

【New Uniform】

HAKUTO’s new uniform has been released! This uniform, produced by our new Supporting Company, Snow peak, is 4-way stretchable and windbreaking, with unique pocket designs. Not only is it designed specially for HAKUTO, but it is also customized for space explorers — you can clip your pen in or hang your everyday equipment like tapes from the pockets. For this crowdfunding campaign, we have prepared a special edition for HAKUTO Crew Members.


【About HAKUTO】http://team-hakuto.jp/

Team HAKUTO, run by the Japanese startup ispace, Inc., is the only Japanese team competing for the Google Lunar XPRIZE. The team is comprised of various members including: the members of ispace, Tohoku University, and Pro-Bono experts from various fields. HAKUTO was awarded a Mobility Milestone Prize from Google Lunar XPRIZE in January 2015.


【About the Google Lunar XPRIZE】http://lunar.xprize.org/

The $30M Google Lunar XPRIZE is an unprecedented competition to challenge and inspire engineers and entrepreneurs from around the world to develop low-cost methods of robotic space exploration. To win the Google Lunar XPRIZE, a privately funded team must successfully place a robot on the Moon’s surface that explores at least 500 meters and transmits high-definition video and images back to Earth.

【Contact Information】